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Oder ihn weiter im Spiel einsetzen - und das neben dem Nervenkitzel durch die Automatenspiele, ohne mein Geld zu riskieren.

Clash Of Kings Support

Url: 25,,, Monthly Visits. 4. Alexa Rank. US. Popular in. Up. Service. Einführung und Hinweis zur Abonnementfunktion in Clash of Kings (CoK). 1. Service-Name: Abonnement. 2. Nach dem Abonnieren erneuert dieser Dienst dein. Clash of Kings: Apps for Android. Languages Supported: English, Japanese. This app needs permission to access: Access coarse (e.g. Mobile-ID.

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Over the past six years, Clash of Kings has won the support of players around the world with its pure and epic war strategy experience, a variety of innovative. Clash of Kings by ELEX Wireless earned $2m in estimated monthly revenue and Die Bugs machen das Spiel so gut wie unspielbar, der Support reagiert nicht. around trying something new and some of the guys and gals I play with are very knowledgeable about clash of Kings and very caring and supportive friends.

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Clash Of Kings Support Der Karneval zum 6. Jahrestag von Clash of Kings, dem Begründer des Kriegsstrategie-Handyspiels, ist jetzt eröffnet! In den letzten sechs Jahren hat Clash of. Over the past six years, Clash of Kings has won the support of players around the world with its pure and epic war strategy experience, a variety of innovative. Stoppt die Bot Spieler und erteilt Clash of Kings eine Lektion! Support Clash of Kings. Beweise das UOF Bots nutzt ist kein Geheimnis. Clash of Kings. Gefällt 3,7 Mio. Grateful for your support in , year-end welfare Bild könnte enthalten: 2 Personen, Text „CLAStrm KINGS " "o​. Wir bedauern, das zu hören. Mir keinen Gefallen getan :. You can ask for Alliance Help when upgrading buildings, researching technologies or healing the wounded. Clear your browser cache and cookies.
Clash Of Kings Support

What features does the Clash of Kings Bot offer? Is Clash of Kings Bot safe? Email Sign Up. Are Clash of Kings Bots Safe to use?

What device does Clash of Kings bot work on? What is the difference between PC version and Mobile version?

Research equipment technologies when the level of your castle is below lvl. Research technologies related to combat after the level of your castle is higher than lvl.

Shield of the world. Do not attack others unless it is necessary to avoid unnecessary losses. Long-term Peace Shield is recommended.

Join an active alliance with many members and allies can defend your castle. Hero Builder. The hero builder is very important in the initial stages of development.

His exceptional talent will reduce construction time and resource consumption, and using his active skills, your next construction activity will not cost you food and wood, iron or mithril.

After raising a hero to 4 stars, his active skill will reduce the consumption of signs of greatness for improvement or construction.

With this hero, you can progress much faster than others. Goddess of the harvest. It increases your income. Her talent will increase the storage capacity and income from resources in the castle, her skill will also increase your speed of gathering resources on the world map.

Her active skills can complete your entire collection of resources on the world map in a few seconds. A very useful hero to help you develop.

Hero is a bachelor of alchemy. It can dramatically reduce research time and resources when researching technology at the academy. His active skills are similar to those of the Creator.

After using his active skill, your next research in the academy will not consume food, wood, iron or mithril.

By upgrading it to 4 stars, it can even reduce the consumption of Science Stone for research. Occult sage.

It can save you a lot of time and resource consumption when you can study science in the Tower of the Sage. After using his active skill, your next occult analysis will not consume food, wood, iron or mithril.

If you want this hero, just buy it. Why did my castle teleport? The king and judge of the kingdom are allowed to use the Order of Destruction, which allows them to destroy the castle at the coordinates of the target.

The castle at the coordinates of the target will be teleported to random coordinates if the castle with the given coordinates is protected by the Peace Shield, the castle will also be teleported, and the Peace Shield will remain.

After the attack, the defense of your castle will be reduced. As soon as your castle defense is reduced to 0, it will be teleported to a random location.

When you return to your kingdom after joining any cross-server event, your castle will not return to its original coordinates, instead, your castle will be teleported to a random location in your kingdom.

How do I create and delete coordinate bookmarks? Click on the map image in the lower left corner. Subsequently, you can find all the bookmarks entered by clicking on the image of the book in the lower left corner.

By clicking on a bookmark and sliding it to the left, the options for changing the name and deleting will become available.

Will the gathering troops in the castle be attacked? In normal situations, the troops that join the gathering in your castle will not join the battle that took place in your castle.

They will not be attacked by other lords and will not defend your castle. One game account supports only one lock.

All other castles belong to other players. Why does the freeze meter appear when using the peace shield? If the player has performed acts of aggression while the peace shield is active, its effect is terminated.

In case of reactivation, you must wait until the end of the countdown on the freeze counter. What determines the time of the freeze counter?

The freeze counter time is determined by the remaining duration of the peace shield. The longer the residual duration of the current world shield, the longer the freeze period before the next possible use.

What kind of actions fall under acts of aggression? Acts of aggression that cancel the effect of the peace shield include: reconnaissance, attack, gathering of troops, capture of buildings in the "Dragon Battlefield" modes, the battle for the throne and others.

Will the freeze counter appear if I activate a new shield while the current one is active? No, this action will not cause the freeze counter to appear.

The system does not impose a freeze counter if the peace shield malfunctions in Ancient Battlefield and Dragon Battlefield modes. How to hide the appearance of a hike?

Enter the World Map, expand the map with both hands, at maximum expansion, "hide the appearance of the campaign" will appear.

How do I add friends? Click Lord Details - Add Friends. Click on the building in the Castle House of Brotherhood Friends to check the information about your current friends.

How do I remove friends? Click Brotherhood - Friend. Mail - Message - Multi-user chat - Top right - Exit the chat room and delete all messages.

How to add a friend to the Family? Click in the castle House of Friends of the Brotherhood. Click on the avatar of the friend you want to add to Family: Add to Family.

You can move a friend to a group of friends: Family. How do I get VIP points? VIP points are awarded for the time spent in the game.

The longer the duration, the more points and rewards received. In addition, you can also purchase points and raise the level of the VIP status by clicking on the "Add points" button.

This method is one of the fastest. In addition, VIP points can be earned by completing tasks, participating in events, etc.

How to upgrade your VIP status? The VIP status system is subdivided into 10 levels. By clicking on the "VIP" button next to the avatar, the main window will open, where the player can check the current status level, the current number of points and the number of points required for the next level.

Being online for a set amount of time, you will be awarded points, thanks to which the VIP status level is increased. Description of the rank system.

The system is a collection of ranks and glory points obtained in the game through participation in different battles. Each week, based on the ranking by rank points, you can increase its level.

The higher the rank, the higher the bonuses, the more varied items and equipment in the store, and more skills are available. Ways to get rank points:.

Promotion of rank. Rank points are calculated for 10 kingdoms that make up 1 group. Each week, a ranking is compiled by player rank points.

The chance of getting promoted depends on the rankings. After summing up and drawing up a rating, from the next week, rank points are reset and so on.

Each week, players receive a reward based on their ranking. After a certain period, the rank points and rank level will be reset.

The spirit of the ancestors. Four civilizations have their own Ancestral Spirit. Researching different Ancestral Spirit technologies requires varying levels of popularity.

In order to research some specific technologies, you need to research the previous technologies first. Attribute: An Attribute bonus gained through Ancestral Spirit research technology will persist.

The attribute bonus provided by technologies from different Civilizations can be tricky. The bonus will not change if you switch your civilization.

You can research the legion technology of the corresponding civilization to unlock lvl 12 troops.

When attacking monsters on the world map, there is a chance to drop a tempering scroll, which allows you to enter the test field.

Every day, the lord has a free opportunity to enter the test field once. Additional quenching scrolls can be purchased for gold.

Each time you enter the test field, you will be given 15 free attempts to attack monsters additional attempts can be purchased for gold. Each of the types of attacks deals damage in 1 unit, 3 units.

Royal Hall. The Royal Hall is the place where the various functions of the king and ministers are activated. Here they can conduct such political courses as "Shock Construction", "Restoration" and others, as well as bargain on the black market, forcibly move castles, etc.

A large amount of royal silver is required to activate the functions. Royal Silver is collected and deposited by common players who can also use it for subversion, preventing the king and ministers from using the skills.

Learn more about the skills at the Town Hall and the Foreign Office. Search for ruins. Click on the world map on the left side of the game interface.

Then you will travel to the world and you can find the Ruins with blue light. You can explore the ruins to protect your troops. You can gain some resources and experience while exploring the ruins.

If you have saved some defensive energy, but the portal is occupied by players from another Kingdom and they continue to garnish it, only defense will be reduced, and the defensive energy you saved will not be reduced.

If you pick it up again, you will need to repair the portal first. When your portal reaches maximum defense, you will continue to accumulate defensive energy.

Protected resources. Protected resources are all those that are obtained by using the corresponding items. Protected resources are used as usual and are consumed when upgrading buildings, training troops, etc.

In the presence of conventional and protected resources, ordinary resources are spent on the maintenance of troops. Currently, shipment of protected iron and mithril is not possible.

Benefits of Protected Resources:. Flower function. Each flower sent will bring you 1 charm. The charm will be counted after each round and you will receive additional attributes according to the charm you receive.

Do not send flowers in cross-server status. Ratings include:. Camps will randomly appear on the world map, random heroes will be placed in them.

If you defeat the hero in a certain amount of time, you can earn bonus items such as Lucky Stone and others.

There is no limit on the number of attempts, how many a player can take or attack camps, but there is a limit on receiving bonuses. If you click on a free camp, you can see how many bonuses you have earned that day.

When you defeat or attack any camp, you lose 1 bonus. You get the kill reward immediately when you attack the camp where the NPC is located.

The reward for the capture is accumulated after a certain time, and will be calculated when you return to the castle.

If the capture of the camp is not completed, and the camp was attacked or occupied by other players, you will not receive any reward for capturing the camp.

Heroes cannot be captured in a camp battle. For the destruction of the garrison in the camp, you will receive a reward. Permanent reward for each wave, the final reward depends on the number of waves when the camp is captured.

Random reward: for each wave, you will receive one random item from the reward field, the final random reward depends on the number of camp capture waves.

How to create an alliance? You cannot create alliances at development level At a castle development level from 4 to 5, to create an alliance, you need to spend units of gold.

With a castle development level of 6 and above, creating an alliance is free. You need to enter the name and slogan of the alliance.

The slogan will be shown to everyone who wants to join your alliance. The language of the alliance depends on the language of the leader, but you can change it later.

How to dissolve and leave an alliance? How do I change an alliance? Each lord has the right to enter one of the alliances.

To change the alliance, you must leave the current one. To leave the alliance, go to Alliance-Management-Leave the alliance.

The leader cannot forcibly dissolve the alliance until the moment when all members leave the alliance. If the leader wants to leave the alliance, he must first transfer his powers to another member.

In the absence of an alliance leader for 7 days, an alliance member of rank 3 or 4 can become a new leader by spending gold. In the absence of an alliance leader for 10 days, a member of an alliance of rank 1 or 2 can become a new leader by spending gold.

Alliance treasure. As soon as you reach level 10 of the development of the castle, the function of the alliance treasure will become available.

Digging for treasure and helping allies, you can get a reward. According to their quality, the alliance treasures are divided into 5 color classes: green, blue, purple, orange, gold.

Quality levels of color classes in descending order: gold, orange, purple, blue, green. The higher the quality of the treasure, the richer the reward.

After the start of excavations, the participation of allies is required to receive the reward. If during the existence of the alliance treasure, no help is received from the allies, the treasure will disappear, as well as the chance of receiving a reward.

Only one warehouse can be dug for free at a time. Excavation of an additional treasure is carried out only for gold.

The higher the quality level of the treasure, the longer it will take to open it at a time; you can open only one treasure for free.

The system updates the treasure list every hour. Science Alliance. When you join an alliance, you can donate different sciences to the alliance.

After donating, you can get alliance points and alliance glory points. After the end of the donation, R4 and R5 members can research the science of the alliance.

After researching each member, you can get the attribute of science. One alliance can only research one science at the same time. Alliance mission.

In order to reward the lords who have made a great contribution every day, the kingdom has specially instituted an alliance mission.

After achieving certain goals, all members of the alliance will receive rewards. The alliance mission will be updated every day at Each mission contains several stages.

All members of the alliance can receive rewards for each completed stage. Within 24 hours after leaving the alliance, you will not be able to receive rewards for the alliance.

Alliance missions can be divided into daily and random missions. The daily missions contain 4 missions: alliance attendance, alliance help, alliance contribution, and alliance building.

Random missions can contain different quests every day. Missions of different quality have different difficulties and give different rewards.

The higher the quality, the better the reward. Active glasses. Players can earn active alliance points by completing alliance missions on that day.

Both daily missions and random missions give active points. The maximum number of alliance points you can earn is not limited by the alliance mission limit.

You can continue to earn active alliance points if you continue to improve the progress of alliance missions. The maximum level of active alliance points for each player is There will be rewards for each level that you have increased.

After reaching ur. You can still earn active alliance points, but your active alliance level will not increase.

The salary. The salary can be divided into 3 types: salary for ordinary members, salary for official positions and salary for the leader of the alliance.

Each member of the alliance can receive only 1 type of salary official positions of the alliance include Mars, HR, mentor and diplomat.

The higher the total active points, the higher the rating of the alliance and the better the salary reward. Salary rewards will be issued via email at the end of each event countdown.

The reward is determined r in accordance with the rating of the alliance at the time of the final calculation.

Alliance post. Positions can be appointed by the leader of the alliance, and this position has no practical effect. Alliance help.

When you upgrade buildings, research science, forge equipment and heal the wounded, you can ask for help to speed up the time. Each member can press a button at the embassy to help other members.

The effect of assistance depends on the level of the embassy. Alliance teleport. When a Lord first joins an alliance, he receives an alliance teleport.

Using this item, lords can teleport their castle to random locations on the territory of the alliance.

Another approach to teleporting an alliance is to invite a teleport. The alliance leader can send an invitation teleport, after which the player will receive an invitation by mail.

After the player clicks on teleportation, the castle will teleport to a random place in the alliance territory, and it will cost the player 1 advanced teleportation.

How to use alliance markers? Tags can only be created by alliance leaders. While on the map, clicking on any place except monsters , a menu for creating a mark will appear.

Select an item of interest and set a label by defining a goal. In case the tag already exists, when pressed, the delete item will appear.

How to find an alliance mark? All allies will be able to see these signs. Players can also see the mark on the kingdom minimap.

In addition, when creating a mark, all allies will immediately receive a notification with the coordinates of the target. How do I send alliance orders?

Through the alliance order function, the alliance leader and rank 4 players can send simple messages to allies, indicating the key objectives of the current stage.

The button for sending alliance orders is located along the path:. The menu for sending an alliance order can only be seen by the leader of the alliance and players with rank 4.

By clicking on the button, a list with orders of the alliance will appear. After choosing the necessary item and confirming your actions, a letter with an order will be sent to the mail of the corresponding ally.

The content of the letter will describe the order of the alliance. How do I view alliance orders? An alliance order is a system alert that comes in the form of a letter.

Alliance orders can be viewed in the corresponding section of the mail. Alliance store. An alliance member can get the glory of the alliance through donations or events.

An alliance member can get glory props in the alliance store. Alliance can be earned by alliance points through donations and events of alliance members.

R4 and R5 members can add props in the alliance store for alliance points. The tree of life. The alliance leader and R4 members can plant the tree of life on the territory of the alliance.

The tree of life can move the position - members of the alliance R4 and above can press the move button on the tree panel to move the position of the tree.

The Tree of Life will give attributes not just in territory to Alliance members around the world as they grow. After the tree of life takes its final form, members of the alliance can pick fruits up to 5 free attempts per day at intervals of 1 hour.

Any time a large bucket or heavy fertilizer is used, the number of picks of high quality fruit can be increased. How to get items:. When the response points reach the appropriate level, you can receive the normal response and advanced response old parchment rewards.

Use the old parchment to dig up the treasure and receive the "Gift of the Wise Men". Alliance cannon.

The alliance cannon has 3 types of projectiles that affect castles with a Peace Shield. The cannon can be attacked by players from other alliances, and it can also be collected.

To activate the cannon of the alliance, it must first be charged using the energy of construction.

In turn, construction energy is obtained through fundraising. The action of the alliance cannon is limited to the territory of the alliance.

By developing the science of the alliance, you can improve the performance of the gun. Medium alliance tents. The alliance med tent function is now available, you no longer need to worry about running out of capacity.

Since the game has updated My game COK was unfortunately stopped what should i do now! William R. Brian Mallory. Same issue, P5 is now lvl 7. Katie James.

Greg Sadler. Cant log in. Says does not exist. Anneke Brettschneider. Cant place alliance buildings, says area not activated kingdom Shari Ghalyini.

Server been down like hours now… whats going on?? Jerry Cavadias. Adrian Cotei. It is crazy. And they want screen shots.. Dylan Freed. My chat does not work iam in k8 it says connecting then connecting failed.

William Spear. Penny Peebles. Glenn Watters. Andy AR. Craig Harper. Sheila DP. Lethalnontherun Plays. Game wont load … im on s9 neither my wifi or 4g apparently dosent load it.

Richard Thomas McElligott. Mathew Mckay. Shima Noori. Abd Razak. Lou Lalond. Can not Log in…. CAN not Lol in ….???

Kimberly Miles. RG Rodel Gonzales. Ronnie Davis. It opens up just to freeze up immediately. It is not working.

Debbie Kelly. Name of the service: Subscription 2. After you subscribe, this service will automatically renew your subscription.

If you choose to enable this service, we treat it as you permit Clash of Kings to receive the fee due in advance from your iTunes account referred to as Account below before the current subscription is about to end.

The pre-conditions for this service to be effective are that the iTunes account which subscribed to the privilege service is also linked to the Game Center ID bound to the above game account.

To ensure the recurring subscription fee can be deducted accordingly. If the renewal fails because there are not enough funds available in the above account, you are responsible for any and all issues which can arise from your failure to comply with the conditions of the subscription you chose to digitally contract service for.

Within 24 hours before the current subscription ends, the game account which purchased the service of automatic renewal will retrieve the fee for subscription from the corresponding iTunes account.

The time of deducting your balance might be different from the time when the renewal takes effect. This happens because subscriptions are renewed in advance of the date due.

If you encounter this situation, please wait patiently. Version 6. Event Previews 1. Bloody Rose Event Time: Dec. Hero recruitment probability increased December 2-December 8 The probability of drawing Tiger Warrior is doubled!

Function Adjustment and Optimization 1. The Prosperity transformation - Aurora set is now online. Designed for heroes to wear to help improve your army training, with hospital capacity increase and rations consumption reduction.

Great game.

For example, Guardian Knight. Temporary player accounts will periodically post links to the services that will charge players a fee to use these exploits to automate farming and Kevin Spacey 21 the system to increase resources. All members of the alliance can receive rewards for each completed stage. The soldiers led by your hero are not real, so there is no effect on your real powers. Clash of Kings is the popular RTS RPG multiplayer war game developed by Elex that lets you build massive armies, ready to do battle against friends and families all over the world on an epic. 1/6/ · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue QueueAuthor: Jake LitForNothing. CLASH OF KINGS is a game for android with release date 06/30/ from Elex Wireless. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Synthesis and Elfmeter Torwart do not require costs and time for synthesis and parsing. How do I add friends? If you choose to enable this service, we treat it as you permit Clash of Kings to receive the fee due in advance from your iTunes account referred to as Account below before Sky City Auckland current subscription is about to end. Unable to open Cok not loading. The pre-conditions for this service to be effective are that the iTunes account which subscribed Jungle Rumble the privilege service is also linked to the Game Center Stargames Gutschein 2021 bound to the above game account. Trent Coleman. Only orange or better gear is valuable. Required materials: equipment lvl 15, plant, blueprint of ancient leg armor, cobalt ore, amber. Each card has 10 stages. Izon Scotty. Absorb the Dragon Soul to unearth treasure. Monsters of the Ancient Dragon Tower differ in level, quantity, ratio of effects. After a hero is appointed to an official position, he will receive experiences per hour. A new building appeared on the territory of the castle Andrew Neeme the Ancient Dragon Tower. The spirit of the ancestors. CLASH OF KINGS is a game for android with release date 06/30/ from Elex Wireless. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Take your enemies head on in Clash of Kings with BlueStacks. Eliminate tearing and stutters by enabling High FPS as supported by the game. Be always ready to respond immediately in a heavy combat. Repeated Tap. No more endlessly tapping on your phone screen when playing Clash of Kings. Clash of Kings game hails from the Beijing-based video game development studios of Elex Wireless. The latest version; New Crescent Civilization is a continuation or expansion of the classic Clash of Kings saga. Clash of Kings: New Crescent Civilization promises a more expansive experience, new civilizations, new ranking system, and new armies. Clash of Kings, Clash of King The West – Lord Level, Skill Tree basics. Discover the secrets behind the Combat Skill Tree, Support Skill Tree and Development Skill Tree. Newest Oldest Most Comments Most Views. Do you want to contact our Clash of Kings support team? The best way to get a quick reply from us is to send us an in-game message via the "Help & Support" feature. Go to the Settings -> How to Play -> Contact Us, and send us a message anytime anywhere!:).

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